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Premeditated murder, murder for pecuniary gain, involving cruelty or a helpless victim, aggravated by abduction, in the course or furtherance of rape, molestation or another offense, of an official performing state duties, of a relative or spouse, endangering multiple lives, or planned at length is punishable by death. Acts to sabotage or impair social, economic or military resources, when using dangerous methods or agents, causing serious injury to health or property or threatening public security are punishable by death. 87 of 1999 states that a person may be sentenced to life imprisonment instead of death for any of the death-eligible crimes in the penal code.

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Status, Declarations, and Reservations, Optional Prot.

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On December 28, 2010, Cuba’s Supreme Court commuted the death sentence of Cuba’s last remaining death row inmate, a Cuban-American convicted of a murder carried out during a 1994 terrorist invasion of the island.

There was no one on death row at the end of 2014, [3] and we have recorded no new death sentences since then.

We believe that there is no-one under sentence of death in Cuba.

[4] No new death sentences are known to have been imposed in 2011, [5] 2012, [6] 2013 [7] or 2014.

[8] (This question was updated on October 9, 2015.) 0.

Treason may be a more expansive offense in Cuba than is common among nations: acts of “sedition” such as disrupting the socialist order, interfering with elections and refusing to obey civil or military authorities are punishable by death. Genocide: Taking measures to reduce the birthrate of a targeted ethnic group, acts of ethnic cleansing, the forced removal of children, or bombing defenseless civil populations in violation of international norms is punishable by death.

[4] Rape (including statutory rape) of a child under the age of 12 is punishable by death. If the robbery is at gunpoint or under the threat of injury by a fire arm, if a person is deprived of his or her liberty during the course of the robbery, if the robbery results in serious injury, or if the robber is a person in a position of authority or is a person responsible for security and protection, robbery is punishable by death. If those trafficking, producing or transporting the drugs are public agents or utilize state resources to traffic drugs, if they utilize individuals under the age of 16, or if they are part of an international drug trafficking ring, drug trafficking is punishable by death. Insurrection or usurpation, bringing about hostile relations between Cuba and another country, [8] aiding the enemy, inciting war against Cuba, taking up arms against Cuba, attempting by force of arms to change the constitution or the form of government, entering the country illegally with the intent of committing any act of treason or any other act aimed at harming the independence of the Cuban state ( including threatening the life, liberty, or personal integrity of a state, government, or communist party official) [9] is punishable by death.

[3] Aiding such acts or possessing the means of aiding such acts, when aimed at threatening the security of the state, is punishable by death. Rape resulting in serious injury, by an offender previously convicted of the same crime or by an offender who knows that s/he suffers from a sexually transmitted disease is punishable by death. Taking steps to maintain the dominance of one racial group over another through acts such as forced labor, torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading acts, segregation, or creating obstacles to full political, civil and cultural participation. If the victim is less than 14 years of age, if the offender has been previously convicted of the same crime, or if the offense results in serious injury or illness. Introducing a minor into prostitution, homosexuality, or criminal behavior, where the corruption of the minor is brought about by violence or intimidation, where the minor is physically harmed or contracts an illness, where more than one minor is endangered, where the offender has care or guardianship of the minor, where more than one person is involved or where the minor is under 12, mentally ill or incapacitated or incapable of resisting is punishable by death.