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Thankfully, one woman is calling out social media sexism in the most hilarious way - by turning the tables on the men who perpetuate these double standards.Using the #Shirtless Shamers2016 hashtag, Lindsey posts sexist tweets that shame women for posting "half naked" photos online alongside shirtless selfies the men in question have posted of themselves.It highlights just how ridiculous it is to criticize women for something that plenty of men do."I've been tweeting about misogyny, sexual violence and sexual harassment for a few years now, and have been concerned by how often, even in 2016, women's bodies and clothing choices are brought up as contributing or causal factors for mistreatment, disrespect, or victimization," Lindsey told ."I have a sister who is currently breastfeeding and she tells me some of the most outrageous stories about total strangers harassing her for having the audacity to feed her child in public, even as half-naked men jog by on their daily run." "I came across a twitter user - sporting a shirtless selfie as his avi- hand-wringing his jacked, axe-spattered hands over women posting half-naked pictures online and the apparent lack of self-respect those pictures demonstrated.I started looking up similar keywords and found he wasn't alone: there's a whole fraternity of guys who apparently feel no qualms posting their own shirtless pictures, but feel called upon to belittle women that do the same," Lindsey continued.

This isn't Lindsey's first time calling out sexism in hilarious ways.She created Cards Against Harassment in 2014 as a response to street harassment.The pre-printed cards offer explanations as to why certain actions are sexist and offensive, and can be given away during interactions when you don't quite feel like explaining why you'd like someone to stop catcalling you, asking about your weight, or commenting on your appearance.Clearly, Lindsey has a knack for this type of humor.Check out some of her most on-point #Shirtless Shamers2016 posts below., has released a feature exposing the "scalpel sluts" of the future — those people who just can't stop hacking into their bodies and faces for new parts.