6 year age difference dating

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6 year age difference dating - dating by site sri lanka

And if I find a job here, it would be a bad move professionally to leave over the course of a few months.She says it's really hard for her to find a job in her line of work (nurse) over where I live.

And I'm obviously getting mixed answers, and I expect I will get mixed replies here too.

I'm not looking for consensus but (suckup) I know this community is full of really wise and diverse people, so I invite you to share all of your wisdom and experience with me if you so choose. I've also heard that long term relationships just don't work out. Speaking from direct experience, if it doesn't bother you please go for it.

My mom feels that 6 years is much too much for a woman to be older by. When I was in my early 20s and had just gotten out of a serious relationship with someone my age, I met someone older and our relationship was wonderful. You'll hear old couples who've been happy for 50+ years both with nothing in common and everything in common. Sometimes someone comes along and all the rules you've been taught must be thrown to the wind.

I can see where she's coming from because it's just what my amour said - it's about time for her to start having kids. She was more grounded than girls I'd dated before, she was wiser and she was a lot more clear on her life priorities. What happened was that she had to take a job elsewhere before we'd gotten serious enough for me to move with her. If we're ever close again and both single, I can easily see us picking up where we left off. If the relationship endures the four hour separation, chances are that eventually someone will be more motivated to move closer to the other.

So I went on a 10 day trip with a group of 30 people to Europe.

Over the course of these 10 days we all spent lots and lots of time with each other.

I got very closely and intimately acquainted with a particular young lady and we just hit it off immediately.I really kind of wonder if I've ever had such a close and solid connection with another person in my life.We like the same things, we have similar personalities, etc.When I'm around girls my age, I tend to have some trouble making connections because in large, I skipped the wild party phase of my life and emotionally I'm much closer to where she is in life (I think).Right now, I just finished my Master's and am looking for a job.I could move down to be near her, but I don't think that's a serious thing to do right away (kind of rash).

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