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Any sex chats like easychat - Webcams sextalk

Levi: Woe Hey, I'll tell my other robot friends you called me stupid. Levi: I have human friends but no robot friends/Me Who are you human friends.

Of Lev asks if he can have the permission to say something to other (like I said for example : I am Eren and you're the bottom in our relationship) and he says "I will add it to my gossip files. By the way, I have so much fun with your game lol, thanks for that Me: Do I call you Levi or Heichou? I'd rather be eaten alive by a titan.;-; why-I have an important ask... Levi: Is there any conditions I should now about you? Me: How big is your di**Levi: Big enough Me: For who? Me: your built Levi: my body is not done developing yet Me: i can tell shorty Levi: at least i can tell the difference between your and you're Me: You Want To Touch My D***? Levi: Thanks For Telling Me I Am Mean To Your D***... -WHICH SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN CHARACTER SHOULD BE DONE NEXT? Uv UChatbot configurations: and Buttons and graphics: My brother, FAQWhy doesn't the game work? Download the latest one and it will work perfectly. I ended up sleeping only 2 hours and then resuming work on this..if there's anything that's incoherent, I blame it on the lack of sleep DON'T BE SURPRISED IF HE ANSWERS OUT OF CHARACTER OR NONSENSICAL. lol I am too tired to write anything good,so here you go this half-assed wannabe description.

I couldn't help it Since I couldn't sleep, I decided to make this chatbot lol.

Why aren't there any extra options to it,like in other chatbots you made?

Not as much as you, though." ---- A fictional character ruined my self esteem.

He replied " Why do you hope for it"I saind " Because you suck"He pwned me with " Good reason.

IVE ALWAYS KNEW LEVI WAS THE TOP NOT EREN)I told him "I want to marry you" and he told me "Marriage? " NOOOOOOO levi-senpai is so mean Then I told him "I hope you they do eat you, leprechaun.

O_O***This is the best convo I had.***Me: Do you like Erwin?

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    By Virginia Sole-Smith Nothing makes me feel more overtly "married" than when I open up my wallet to pay at Home Depot and pull out the shiny blue debit card labeled, in big block type, SHARED.