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I am pretty liberal, but the sheer number of Korean girls going after white guys is embarrassing. Note, 5.20.16 — My anonymous correspondent also sent me a cartoon, which I thought he himself had drawn given that it was so consistent with the tone and content of his note, but I have since been informed the cartoon is actually the work of someone else.

It’s common enough that I would like to talk a little about it.Because even if it doesn’t happen every day, it’s become a As long as I’ve been writing online, I’ve had trolls.Recently I participated in the #whitewashed OUT hashtag, as many of us did, and this was the [incredibly mild!] tweet of mine that got the most traction: Then there were the actual white supremacists — the vast majority of them passionate Trump supporters, according to their Twitter profiles — calling me slurs, referring to my kids in hateful language, saying “that’s what you get for race-mixing,” etc. piece for the Toast, we deleted several comments along the lines of “You married into it” (never mind that the racist remark at that dinner party was not made by one of my in-laws) and lectures about how terrible Asian women are for dating/marrying out.100th episode celebration at XIV on Monday (March 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.The 31-year-old actress directed and starred in the 100th episode that will air on March 5.

The 100th episode, entitled “Implosion” centers on a ghost who knows of a hidden munitions dump with unexploded bombs, and confides in Melinda (Hewitt) that one of those bombs is missing.

“It’s not quite as formulaic as most shows,” executive producer and writer Ian Sander told the NY Daily News.

“We’ll do a romantic comedy one week, a horror show the next week, but in the end, in the fifth act, there has to be some sort of cathartic emotional moment.

As long as we get to that end the audience expects and loves, we’re good.

This note was the first thing I saw in my inbox the other day: “One day, your son will look at you totally differently.

You left your culture at the door when you married a white guy.

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