Assigned task not updating

10-Aug-2016 07:40 by 3 Comments

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We use tasks to distribute our jobs between departments.

The problem is the original task owner, the sales guy, doesn't always get updates. Assigned task update list empty - task not updating I use outlook 98 with exchange server 5.0.We have not figured out the exact procedures to make the sales guy ALWAYS get updates. I sent the task as rtf and the other user gets the task as a task and can accept it.When I send tasks to this outlook 98 user across the internet most tasks wont update even though I have checked the boxes Keep an updated copy of this task on my task list and send me a status report when this task is complete. His task has been accepted but when view details tab his update list is empty in most cases therefore it is obvious task updates wont work.This also happens when other staff using outlook 98 through our exchange server send task requests to him.About 10% of the time it works ok and in these cases the update list shows the email address of who to update.If this were an attachment or internet problem then I think the task would never arrive correctly let alone be able to be accepted and go to the task list.

Any task requests sent from the other user to us work fine with updates working fine and his email appearing in the update list on the details tab.

The only internet variables are we both use the same domain name and use a third party provider to re route our email to either site depending on the recipient but this is the same process both ways.

Our site collects email from pop account usine popbeamer and the other site has direct internet connection for exchange server.

Although if the email process was a problem you would think the task update problem wouldnt be intermitant but consistant. Can't assign Task from Task Folder heirarchy 4.

Thanks for your time to consider this long enquiry.

-- Ian Spencer Warrnambool Victoria Australia Sent via Before you buy.