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First Appearance: Fantastic Four #45 (1965) Origin: Thor #148-149 (1967) First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Origin: Incredible Hulk #98 (2006) Significant Issues: Met Hulk, vs him on behalf of Red King (Incredible Hulk #92, 2006); sent to monitor & negotiate with Hulk (Incredible Hulk #93-94, 2006); ordered Hulk to kill Red King's enemies, refused, witnessed Hulk & Silver Surfer's liberation of slaves (Incredible Hulk #95, 2006); pursued Hulk's army (Incredible Hulk #96-97, 2006); alongside Hulk, vs Spikes, joined his Warbound (Incredible Hulk #98-99, 2006); with Warbound, vs Red King, witnessed his overthrow (Incredible Hulk #100-102, 2007); became Hulk's queen, learned that he was Bruce Banner (Incredible Hulk #103, 2007); revealed she was pregnant to Hulk, caught in shuttle explosion (Incredible Hulk #104, 2007); died in Hulk's arms (Incredible Hulk #105, 2007) First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #155 (1972) Significant Issues: Fled Germany after World War II, settled in Latveria, assisted Doctor Doom in creation of size-reduction ray, had ray used on him by Doom, shrank into Microverse, arrived on world of Moto ruled by Shaper of Worlds, had his dream of Nazi-controlled America created by Shaper, became Führer there, confronted by Hulk, received power of Captain Axis from Shaper, vs Hulk, lost dream of power followed by power itself, stranded on Moto by Shaper (Incredible Hulk #155, 1972) First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #164 (1973) Significant Issues: Rescued submarine crew & Hulk, elaborated upon Infra-World's nature to Bruce Banner, enslaved Hulk (Incredible Hulk #164, 1973); set Aquon against Hulk & Infra-World rebels, surfaced Infra-World to allow Hulk & rebels to depart, re-submerged Infra-World (Incredible Hulk #165, 1973) First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006) Significant Issues: Spoke with Agent Sexton, adopted coyote pup, clashed with police officer, hunted by enemies, rescued & befriended by Hulk (Amazing Fantasy #15, 2006); blew up S. Josiah Weller, head of Research & Development (Captain Marvel #21, 1970); Banner studied at Desert State under physics Prof. Johns captured Hulk, became gamma-irradiated monstrosity, died when his body’s fat burst (Incredible Hulk Annual #14, 1985); Rick Jones gamma-irradiated by nutrient bath, transformed into Hulk-like creature (Incredible Hulk #324-325, 1986); along with Bruce Banner, Rick sought out desert lab to contain himself, vs Zzzax, encountered Outcasts, vs Nevermind (Incredible Hulk #326-327 & 329-330, 1986-1987); vs Hulkbusters, reverted back to human form by Leader (Incredible Hulk #332, 1987); Outcasts encountered Rick Jones Hulk, welcome him into their society, eventually send him out after S. Ross so that the military could further his education so that he might become a weapons designer for them (Incredible Hulk #77-81, 2005); Bruce quit medical school to study nuclear physics (Savage She-Hulk #1, 1980); Banner studied at Desert State University under Dr.

Johns) Incredible Hulk Annual #14 (1985); (Rick Jones Hulk) Incredible Hulk #325 (1986); (Outcasts of Desert Lab) Incredible Hulk #329 (1987); (Half-Life) Incredible Hulk #334 (1987); (Riot Squad) Incredible Hulk #345 (1988); (Jason Berg & Cara Le Blanc) She-Hulk #15 (1989); (X-Force) Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #10 (1990); (Abominatrix) Sensational She-Hulk #21 (1990); (Spider-Hulk) Web of Spider-Man #69 (1990); (Gamma-Burn) Wonder Man #3 (1991); (Frost) Incredible Hulk #395 (1992); (War Zone) Sensational She-Hulk #50 (1993); (Eugene Wildeman) Prime vs. Woodman for screwing up experiment (Incredible Hulk #227, 1978); High school Bruce studied under math teacher Mrs. aircraft, located hidden Hulk base, hacked into Mister Fantastic's computer files, learned of Hulk's banishment by "Illuminati," discovered Hulk had not arrived at predetermined destination, quarreled with Mister Fantastic (Incredible Hulk #100, 2007); sent computer file to She-Hulk (She-Hulk #18, 2007) First Appearance: World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1 (2007) Origin: World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #2 (2007) Significant Issues: Killed Flux (World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1, 2007); origins revealed (World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #2, 2007) First Appearance: (Froma) Tales of Suspense #68 (1965); (Leader) Tales to Astonish #62 (1964); (Rhino) Amazing Spider-Man #41 (1966); (Abomination) Tales to Astonish #90 (1967); (Doc Samson) Incredible Hulk #141 (1971); (Morton Clegstead) Incredible Hulk #150 (1972); (Crawling Unknown) Incredible Hulk #151 (1972); (Harpy) Incredible Hulk #168 (1973); (Sh’mballah) Incredible Hulk: Stalker from the Stars (1978); (Hans Feldstadt, pictured) Hulk #13 (1979); (Hans Feldstadt, full) Hulk #14 (1979); (Sasquatch/Tanaraq) X-Men #120 (1979); (She-Hulk) Savage She-Hulk #1 (1980); Gammadroid (Captain America #257 (1981); (Rikky Keegan) Incredible Hulk Annual #11 (1982); (Gamma spores) Defenders #132 (1984); (Sirius) Incredible Hulk #294 (1984); (Max Stryker) Incredible Hulk #294 (1984); (Hubert St. the Incredible Hulk #0, 1995); Geiger aided Doc Samson vs Patchwork (Doc Samson #1-4, 1996); Headshop rescued Bruce Banner from army, watched as he battled Thor (Incredible Hulk #437-440, 1996); Amazon & Behemoth as part of Strike Force One, vs Heroes for Hire, defeated (Heroes for Hire #12, 1998); Bannermen defeated by Noh-Varr (Marvel Boy #2, 2000); dogs of war mutated, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #14, 2000); Edam & Gouda vs Punisher/Frank Castle during "Maximum Security" (Maximum Security #1, 2000); Flux vs Hulk, defeated by him (Incredible Hulk #17, 2000); examined by Doc Samson (Incredible Hulk #18, 2000); abused by Ryker (Incredible Hulk #19, 2000); vs Hulk & Samson, collapsed (Incredible Hulk #20, 2000); Lucy Ryker freed from tank, discovered husbands actions (Incredible Hulk #20, 2000); Kalkhimithians irradiated by Diablo, vs Avengers & Hulk, returned to normal (Avengers #38-40, 2001); Pratt abducted Banner, injected with Hulk blood, exploded, recaptured Banner then powerless d/t transfusion from Sandra Verdrugo, turned into powerful form, vs Banner, ultimately torn to pieces by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #40-43 & 45-49, 2002-2003); Kyle Hatcher received blood transfusion from Bruce Banner (Hulk/Wolverine #4, 2003); Digger reanimated by gamma bomb, arrived in New York attacking Forelli’s establishments, vs Spider-Man, died when Spider-Man forced him to expend all his gamma radiation (Amazing Spider-Man #51-54, 2003); Spinach created spray, vs Hulk (Double-Shot #1, 2003); Reality-5901 Outcasts studied at possible non-Earth-616 Gamma Base-type facility (Hulk: Destruction #1, 2005) First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #89 (2006) Significant Issues: Alleged circumstances of launch described (Incredible Hulk #89, 2006); approached by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #89, 2006); vs Hulk, physical form destroyed (Incredible Hulk #90-91, 2006); attempted to re-create self from fragments crashed in Savage Land, vs Fantastic Four in multiple bodies, seemingly destroyed by Fantastic Four (4 #29, 2006) First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #286 (1983) Significant Issues: Sent back in time to Earth-616, encountered Hulk, returned to original timeline, killed by competing soldiers (Incredible Hulk #286, 1983); buried by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #287, 1983) First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #145 (1971) Significant Issues: Returned to Earth, kidnapped Bruce Banner, unleashed Colossus, confronted Hulk, departed Earth (Incredible Hulk #145, 1971) First Appearance: (Banner, gray Hulk) Incredible Hulk #1 (1962), (green/savage Hulk) Incredible Hulk #2 (1962), (green, merged/Professor Hulk) Incredible Hulk #377 (1991) Origin: Incredible Hulk #1 (1962), Incredible Hulk #312 (1985), Incredible Hulk minus 1 (1997), Hulk #12 (2000) Significant Issues: Bruce Banner’s grandfather was French and fought in the trenches of World War I (Incredible Hulk #135, 1971); Rebecca Banner had difficult labor with Bruce, required caesarian section, Brian Banner immediately considered his child a monster, worried that his own years of atomic research had altered his genes and produced a freak (Incredible Hulk #312, 1985); When Bruce was several months old, his father felt bitterness for him and jealousy toward him, left him with a cruel nurse (Incredible Hulk #312 (1985); Toddler Bruce burned by radiator (Incredible Hulk #227, 1978); As a young child, Bruce Banner sneaked downstairs on Christmas morning to look at his presents early, found a construction set and began building, found by his father, who believed that his son was a freak for being able to build such intricate things at such a young age, yelled at and called a monster and freak by his father, watched his mother beaten (Incredible Hulk #312, 1985/#377, 1992); Young Bruce confronted by violent father, vowed to understand why things happened the way they did to better control dangerous things (Order #6, 2002); As a young child, mother tried to take him and flee from Brian; witnessed Rebecca murdered by his father after she and Bruce tried to leave him, left afraid of showing any emotions by the traumatic event (Incredible Hulk #377 /Incredible Hulk ’97, 1992/1997); Very young Bruce intimidated by Brian Banner into testifying that he never saw Brian Banner abuse Rebecca (Incredible Hulk #403, 1993); Brian Banner overhead gloating how he had browbeat Bruce into lying, arrested, swore vengeance on Bruce (Incredible Hulk minus 1, 1997); Brian Banner treated at Bellmore Psychiatric Institute in San Francisco, California (Incredible Hulk #77, 2005); Spent summers w/ cousin Jen Walters in Ohio, took her to Thompson’s Grocery to buy popsicles (Avengers Annual #13, 1984); w/ cousin Jen Walters, allegedly read every book in the Charlestown Public Library (Avengers #74, 2004); Bruce went to live with aunt Susan Elizabeth Banner in Modesto, California (Incredible Hulk #79, 2005); In high school, Banner proved an excellent student, was shy, anti-social, shunned by other students, had his chemistry experiment sabotaged, creating an explosion (Incredible Hulk #312, 1985) High school student Bruce berated by science teacher Mr. killed many Outcasts in bid to capture him (Incredible Hulk #329, 1987); Half-Life dismembered by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #334, 1987); Half-Life absorbed Hulk energy, released it & seemingly died (Incredible Hulk #342, 1988); Riot Squad empowered (Incredible Hulk #345, 1988); Riot Squad vs Hulk at Freehold while he was poisoned (Incredible Hulk #366, 1990); Riot Squad participated in assault on Mount, defended Freehold from Hydra, Soul Man Killed, Omnibus became new leader (Incredible Hulk #398-401, 1992); Omnibus attempted to start World War Three, cast out by rest of Riot Squad (Incredible Hulk #438-442, 1996); Jason & Cara encountered She-Hulk (She-Hulk #15-16 1989); X-Force aided by Cloak & Dagger, vs M Branch & Rogue (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #9-10, 1990); Abominatrix kidnapped Louise Mason, vs She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #21-23, 1990-1991); Gamma-Burn vs Wonder Man, drained of powers by him (Wonder Man #3, 1991); Frost vs Hulk & Punisher in Las Vegas (Incredible Hulk #395-396, 1992); War Zone attacked & defeated by She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #50, 1993); War Zone reactivated, dismembered by She-Hulk, gamma bomb neutralized by Zapper (Sensational She-Hulk #55-56, 1993); Eugene Wildeman mutated abducted teens, sought to experiment on visiting Earth-93060’s Prime/Kevin Green, mutated self into monstrous form, defeated by Prime & Hulk (Prime vs.Max Christiansen (Incredible Hulk #436, 1995); Banner studied under physics Prof.Geoffrey Crawford, who was his mentor and one of his favorite professors (Rampaging Hulk #2, 1998); Desert State classmates with Raoul Stoddard (Incredible Hulk #130, 1970); College roommates with Peter Corbeau, friends for years (Incredible Hulk #147, 1972); College roommates & friends with pre-law student Randy Cantor, often discussed philosophy (HULK #26, 1981); Classmates with Dr.Rikky Keegan (Incredible Hulk Annual #11, 1982) Banner dated Sally Moore at Desert State (Incredible Hulk #226, 1978); Banner met classmate Susan Jacobson (Incredible Hulk #410, 1993); Banner dated Susan Jacobson (Incredible Hulk #377/410, 1991/1993); Banner became overly-aggressive with Susan Jacobson, terrifying her and driving her to break up with him (Incredible Hulk #410, 1993); Banner had fling with Monica "Nicky" Rappaccini (Incredible Hulk #85, 2005); Banner three-time college dart champion (Incredible Hulk Annual #19); Attended CIT, befriended and then dated Angela Lipscombe (Incredible Hulk #12, 2000); As a graduate student, attended class with Phil Sterns, who admired Banner from afar (Incredible Hulk #367, 1990); Banner obtained three doctorates (Defenders #5, 2005); Broke up with Angela over jealousy when she obtained a research grant while he was repeatedly turned down (Incredible Hulk #12, 2000); Banner revealed to have corresponded with Charles Xavier on the gamma ray treatment of exhaustion (X-Men #66, 1970); Wrote paper on particle physics (Incredible Hulk #413, 1994); Banner associated with nuclear physicist Ronald Jenkins (HULK #20, 1980); Banner was colleagues with Hector De Vasquez (Sensational She-Hulk #57, 1993); Met with Gen.

Ross to discuss Gamma Bomb, took in Brian Banner after his release from prison, attacked by Brian over Rebecca’s grave, fought back & killed Brian (Incredible Hulk #312/377/minus 1, 1985/1991/1997); Arrived at Desert Base under employment of the United States Military, met Betty Ross for the first time as he set up his lab, (Incredible Hulk #312, 1985) Ryker oversaw Banner’s work at Desert Base (Incredible Hulk #14, 2000); transformed into Hulk, vs.soldiers, defeated Igor Drenkov (Incredible Hulk #1/Incredible Hulk Annual #17, 1962/1991); approached Betty’s house (Hulk: Gray#1, 2003); spoke with Betty, vs.soldiers, first used desert lab containment chamber (Hulk: Gray#2, 2003); freed Rick from Ross’ troops, vs.Iron Man/Tony Stark, Betty injured in the fight (Hulk: Gray#3-4, 2004); tried to treat Betty, battled Ross & troops (Hulk: Gray#5-6, 2004); vs.Gargoyle/Yuri Topolov, assisted Topolov’s transformation back to normal (Incredible Hulk #1, 1962); created desert lab, vs. Stort (Marvel Super-Heroes #3, 1990); framed for sabotage by Wrecker/Karl Kort, vs.Toad Men (Incredible Hulk #2, 1962); launched into space, exposed to cosmic rays that put him under Rick’s control, vs. Fantastic Four & Wrecker, named cleared by Fantastic Four; weakened by Wrecker’s ray, defeated by Thing who observed his transformation back to Banner and was inspired to remember the humanity within himself (Fantastic Four #12/Hulk & Thing: Hard Knocks #2-4, 1963/2004-2005); unstable powerful Banner & Banner-head/Hulk body transformations; vs.

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