Dating sites make me depressed

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Dating sites make me depressed - linly dating

Long story short: I'm not ugly, I have friends, an active social life, I'm employed, and so on, yet I find it impossible to date.I have gone on dates in the literal sense, kissed guys, and had sex.

The first guy who I had a fling with post college was kind of nerdy, and I'm not, so there was a major lack of common interests there. The second guy asked me out via a note while I was at my job. Then it was revealed that he had a major obsession with Sept. Seriously, like he would talk about it all the time and his guilt for not joining the military after it happened and I didn't know how to respond to that.He ended up eventually dating a girl whose dad is a fire fighter.I met another guy at a party and he was just really annoying- would constantly facebook message me and text me- so I ended that before anything happened.These real life guys weren't working out so I tried online dating.Met a decent guy who claimed to be interested in me, said I was so smart and beautiful, blah blah blah.We went on several dates and then he dropped off the face of the earth because of law school.

I forgot about online dating until now and saw that he was still on the site so I messaged him to see how things were going.He claimed to be interested in me, but said all he does is work.So why the hell be on a dating site if you're not interested in dating anyone?Unless he was lying to me all along and is giving me the brush off.There's another guy I met, but he's hideously boring as are 99.9999% of the guys on the site.So anyway, either I have the worst luck in the world or there's something I'm doing that's putting guys off.