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Instead of listing Celia Cruz as the Performer, Owner, Writer or Registrant, she was listed under FANIA, INCA and Fania’s other subsidiary labels as a mere “work-for-hire” and where her name belonged on the copyright registration you’ll find Jerry Masucci’s name or one of his many label’s names as the SOLE REGISTRANT or OWNER of every single registered copyright to her songs no matter what role she played in the creation of that large body of her lifetime’s work.

And after her death, she remains such a popular historical musician and iconic figure that Google created a Doodle in her honor.When I spoke to whomever answered Fania’s phone a few years ago when I was looking into the Landy Nova copyright question, it was explained to me that Fania need not deal with old copyright issues because it had safely obscured itself into bankruptcy and was acquired again and again by one company after another.It’s a viable company as of this writing and the Codigo and Fania Websites are now one in the same.After numerous calls to attorneys representing Fania in the U. The only way I care about the photos is if he is with hookers and they are naked considering how hard he tried to prove he wasn't with hookers before. According to TMZ there are photos of Oscar for sale snorting coke a few days before he checked himself into rehab.

I would also be interested if he is wearing lingerie or snorting coke off Miley Cyrus or a Miley Cyrus doll.Yeah, I don't know where that came from either.Do you think they still make Hannah Montana dolls or any other Hannah stuff?Are parents buying their kids things like that when they see Miley twerking away?You know she gets a cut of that stuff and she's going to be really said a few years from now when she has no more shock left on the scale to get people excited and has to rely on talent to get people to notice.That blond wig might look a whole lot more attractive when she needs a few bucks.

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