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There’s not a ton of documentation and examples out there on the web (other than the source, which has most of what you need), and one thing I’ve run into a couple of times now is just setting up a new project.There are videos on the main futile site, but I personally can’t stand video tutorials (no way to search, usually go to slow, etc, etc).

What I want is a really dead-simple cheat sheet for starting a new project, so here it is: Futile Params fparams = new Futile Params(true,true,true,true); //landscape left, right, portrait, portrait Upside Down fparams. You may also need to muck with your build settings a bit depending on what platforms you’re targeting, but at this point your project is set up and ready to go.

Add Resolution Level(480.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, ""); //max height, display Scale, resource Scale, resource Suffix fparams.origin = new Vector2(0.5f,0.5f); Futile.instance. So I guess Adobe announced this yesterday: with tight integration with the Loom Game Engine. This is actually the first compelling reason I’ve seen to upgrade from my Photoshop 5.1.

In my current pipeline, I use a similar (manual) script written using Photoshop’s javascript api to export all my layers (which I talked about a little bit here).

The reveal mentions that make up Generator are all open source and available for tinkering, so it could be possible to merge the two at some point.

Grant (now 2.5 years old) LOVES sunglasses, but he’s always breaking them.

I have some Sugru lying around, but I just purchased a plastic welder off of Amazon to fix a hole in my hard-shell kayak.

I’m still waiting on the exact HDPE (high density polyethylene) from the kayak company to repair my boat, but Grant provided a pair of broken glasses to practice on today.I taped the glasses together to keep tension and did my best to work some of the melted plastic onto the break.You jam the plastic onto the tip of the welder to get it melty/bubbly, but how you get it off the tip and into a seam is a bit tricky.The weld isn’t the prettiest thing on earth, but it looks like it’ll hold and it kept Grant entertained for half an hour while we fixed them.I went over it with a dremel sanding wheel after to smooth out some of the rough edges.I’ve been playing around with Futile (a 2D framework for Unity) — including my last Ludum Dare entry.

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