Eli roth dating rosario

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Rosario Dawson has found herself a killer new boyfriend.Sources tell me the New York beauty has been dating horror-movie director Eli Roth The two reportedly hit it off while promoting Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's . They reportedly first hooked up during the making of the movie—when many believed Rodriguez was still married to his producing partner, Elizabeth Avellan.

The actress and movie director reportedly hit it off while promoting their new film project, "Grindhouse." Dawson split with Jason Lewis November last year after dating him for two years.What is it that both men have in common that makes the beauty goes mad? Being asked on that matter, reps for Dawson and Roth declined to comment.- If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit early, you’re in luck.The New York City Horror Festival kicks off this Wednesday, October 24th at The Cantor Film Center (36 East 8 Street, New York), and runs through Sunday October 28th.This year’s schedule of events include the world premiere Seed the latest from critic pummeling director Uwe Boll, a special screening of the director’s cut of Hostel, with an alternate ending and a Q&A session with director Eli Roth afterwards.The highlight of the fest will be A Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Herschell Gordon Lewis, director of such drive in classics as Wizard Of Gore and Blood Feast.

A true independent, Lewis is credited with innovating the ultra-violent grindhouse cinema that has decades later, become a fashionable part of the mainstream.There will be a special screening of Lewis’s 2000 Maniacs with a » Filmmaker Eli Roth is furious his movie Hostel: Part II has become the most downloaded film of all time. People say, ' Oh, you can't get mad at people downloading.' Well then, when are you supposed to get mad?The horror director claims that not only was it downloaded by millions of people, but in countries where piracy is particularly widespread, the film didn't even have a theatrical release. If you don't speak out against it now, then when?" And Roth has pinpointed his target movie audience as being the very persons responsible for the majority of downloads.He adds, "The audience that's specifically doing (the downloading) is 17, 18, 19 - it's the college kids, and that's my audience.If the fans are going to get pissed (at me), they're going to get pissed.

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