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We have also written scripts to fetch and parse the outcome of the voting on legislative acts in the Council of the European Union, these data dates back to 2006.

For an overview of the available data you can take a look of our simplified data map/shema.If you have questions, ideas for improvements or find any errors you are welcome to contact us ([email protected]) and we'll reply as good as we can. For each document we have obtained information on the form, author, legal basis, directory codes, a reference to the original information at Eur-Lex, the date of the document, the date it was printed in the Official Journal of the European Union and the date of effect and of end of validity, information on relations to other documents, the Eurovoc-descriptor, the subject matter, an URL to the complete text (EN), additional information, the addressee (if any) and possible references to Pre Lex.Data from EUR-Lex This part of the API consist of 138.911 documents found using a simple search for all legislation using EUR-Lex. See this regulation on the UN Mission in Kosovo as an example.The bibliographic notice for each of these documents has been parsed to extract the meta data given in the API. Enacted EU legislation is categorized by subject in different directory codes (sometimes called classification headings or chapters).The API can help you conduct research, create data visualizations or you can even build applications upon it.This is an application programming interface (API) that opens up core EU legislative data for further use.

The interface uses JSON, meaning that you have easy to use machine-readable access to meta data on European Union legislation.

It will be useful if you want to use or analyze European Union legislative data in a way that the official databases are not originally build for.

The API extracts, organize and connects data from various official sources.

Among other things we have used the data to conduct research on the decision-making time*, analyze voting patterns*, measure the activity of Commissioners* and visualize the legislative integration process over time*, but you can use the API as you want to.

When you use it to create something useful or interesting be sure to let us know, if you want to we can post a link to your project from this site.

In addition to the above mentioned we have collected voting records from the plenary sessions in the European Parliament and provides an API for this at our site It's Your Parliament.

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