Fun dating questions ask guy

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Fun dating questions ask guy

Keeping your relationship fun and exciting is crucial if you want something everlasting.

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You'll find that you don't necessarily have to get wild and nasty when coming up with your own. Some of the best dirty, sexy questions you can ask your man are actually quite tame while at the same time hinting at something naughty or kinky. RELATED: 5 Powerful, Teasing Foreplay Techniques For Sex That's HOT AS HELL 4. And remember, these work great for phone sex sessions or as sexy messages for sexting. If I could only wear yoga pants or short skirts for the rest of my life, what would you choose for me? RELATED: 19 Playful And SUPER Sexy Texts To Keep Things HOT OK, so now that I have talked about the power for using dirty questions in your relationship and how to come up with your own, here are 33 dirty questions to ask your guy:1. RELATED: 5 Crazy Hot Kissing Techniques That Will Blow. If you could only have one type of sex for the rest of your life, what would you choose: oral, anal or regular?

Do you sleep in pajamas, underwear or nothing at all? If you could only ever sleep with one celebrity, who would you choose? Have you ever felt jealous when you saw me talking to another guy? Would you be angry if you saw me making out with a really hot girl? Of all the things I've done with you in the bedroom, what's your favorite? Have you ever woken up beside someone you regretted sleeping with?

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If you could choose between me being slightly overweight or slightly underweight, which would you choose? Have you ever woken the neighbors because you were so loud in the bedroom? Have you read RELATED: 3 Beg-For-It HOT Sex Games You'll Both Love 28.

Do you like it when I'm the dominant one in bed or do you prefer leading things?

Do you think you could give me an orgasm by only touching my breasts and kissing me?

If you're feeling a little shy or hesitant about trying out dirty talk ...

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