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Because of this possibility, however, when words with antepenultimate stress are followed by an enclitic in Cypriot Greek, no extra stress is added (unlike Standard Modern Greek, where the stress can only fall on one of the last three syllables), due to Arab attacks.

The oldest surviving written works in Cypriot date back to the Medieval period.

Some of these are: the legal code of the Kingdom of Cyprus, the Assizes of Jerusalem; the chronicles of Leontios Machairas and Georgios Voustronios; and a collection of sonnets in the manner of Francesco Petrarca.

In the past hundred years, the dialect has been used in poetry (with major poets being Vasilis Michaelides and Dimitris Lipertis).

It is also traditionally used in folk songs and (bards). Chypre hier et aujourd’hui entre Orient et Occident 25. Hadjioannou, Xenia; Tsiplakou, Stavroula; Kappler, Matthias (2011). Current Issues in Language Planning (Routledge) 12 (4): 503–569.

It has traditionally been placed to the south-eastern group of Modern Greek dialects, along with the dialects of the Dodecanese and Chios (with which it shares several phonological phenomena).

Though Cypriot Greek tends to be regarded as a dialect by its speakers, it is unintelligible to speakers of Standard Modern Greek without adequate prior exposure.

Studies of the phonology of Cypriot Greek are few and tend to examine very specific phenomena, e.g. A general overview of the phonology of Cypriot Greek has only ever been attempted once, by Newton 1972, but parts of it are now contested. "Discrete bilectalism: towards co-overt prestige and diglossic shift in Cyprus".Cypriot Greek possesses geminate and palato-alveolar consonants, which are lacking from Standard Modern Greek, as well as a trill, which is present but does not contrast with Pappas 2009 identifies the following phonological and non-phonological influencing factors: stress, preceding vowel, following vowel, position inside word; and sex, education, region, and time spent living in Greece (where . "Pulmonic ingressive phonation: Diachronic and synchronic characteristics, distribution and function in animal and human sound production and in human speech". International Journal of the Sociology of Language 2013 (224): 119–142. There is considerable disagreement on how to classify Cypriot Greek geminates, though they are now generally understood to be "geminates proper" (rather than clusters of identical phonemes or "fortis" consonants). Journal of the International Phonetic Association 38 (3): 235–324. and has found that both closure duration and (the duration and properties of) aspiration provide important cues in distinguishing between the two kinds of stops, but aspiration is slightly more significant. There is only one stress per word, and it can fall on any of the last four syllables. "Writing in a non-standard Greek variety: Romanized Cypriot Greek in online chat". Stress on the fourth syllable from the end of a word is rare and normally limited to certain verb forms.

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