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But there are always excuses or negative feelings about the process that get in the way, much the same way I let those forms sit for a week before I actually filled them out and put them in my mailbox. Why does the absence of that little piece of paper mean you can’t receive the sacraments if you have already remarried?These are all comments I’ve heard over the years and really, they are all based on mistruths and misunderstandings about which people rarely bother to find out the truth. Why is the Church trying to make things difficult for you?

The Church, upholding the teachings of Christ, has these parameters in place to keep you safe. Canon Law teaches us that for a sacrament to be a sacrament, two things MUST be present; matter and form.So you can have a validly ordained priest (form) pray the Epiclises or words of consecration (form) over an Oreo cookie (matter) but you will not get the Eucharist.The matter must be a host that is made within the specifications of the Church (unleavened, wheat bread).And you can have the specified host on the altar, but I cannot pray the Epiclises over it and render the Eucharist. Another example would be that you cannot baptize a baby with Coca-Cola; it must be water and the appropriate blessing said during the pouring of the water.I had to laugh at myself as I walked to the mailbox this morning.My bank account was recently hacked and money stolen.

I was on the phone with my bank for long periods of time as well as on the Internet filing claims and speaking with fraud specialists seeking refunds of the fraudulent charges.

The bank refunded the nearly ,000 that was stolen from my account and as part of their investigation, I was mailed multiple forms to fill out and send back for each of the 15 unapproved charges.

If I didn’t fill them out and return them by a certain date, my refunds would be reversed and I would end up losing all that money. Who has time to fill out forms and stick them in the mail?

Why can’t this all be done over the Internet or taken care of in the phone calls I made? I, and most people for that matter, am spoiled by the instant gratification society I live in.

This type of attitude spills over into everyday life, including, for many, their attitudes toward the annulment process.

Just as getting my money refunded was critical to me, so is the annulment process for people who want to date and remarry again (only much more critical).

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