Invalidating a session in javascript

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Invalidating a session in javascript

) will make the cookie available to that subdomain and all other sub-domains of it (i.e. To make the cookie available to the whole domain (including all subdomains of it), simply set the value to the domain name ( the cookie will be made accessible only through the HTTP protocol.

If you don't want this, you can use You may also set array cookies by using array notation in the cookie name.This has the effect of setting as many cookies as you have array elements, but when the cookie is received by your script, the values are all placed in an array with the cookie's name: Note: You can use output buffering to send output prior to the call of this function, with the overhead of all of your output to the browser being buffered in the server until you send it.You can do this by calling Want to remove a cookie?Many people do it the complicated way:setcookie('name', 'content', time()-3600); But why do you make it so complicated and risk it not working, when the client's time is wrong?Why fiddle around with time(); Here's the easiest way to unset a cookie:setcookie('name', 'content', 1); Thats it.Note when setting "array cookies" that a separate cookie is set for each element of the array.

On high traffic sites, this can substantially increase the size of subsequent HTTP requests from clients (including requests for static content on the same domain).

More importantly though, the cookie specification says that browsers need only accept 20 cookies per domain.

This limit is increased to 50 by Firefox, and to 30 by Opera, but IE6 and IE7 enforce the limit of 20 cookie per domain.

Any cookies beyond this limit will either knock out an older cookie or be ignored/rejected by the browser.

something that wasn't made clear to me here and totally confused me for a while was that domain names must contain at least two dots (.), hence 'localhost' is invalid and the browser will refuse to set the cookie!

instead for localhost you should use make your code work on both localhost and a proper domain, you can do this: Note on setting cookies allowing access to sites: If you are not using something "personal" from the computer that you are sending the cookie too watch out.

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