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Today the Oasis, with its lakes and sanctuaries, pristine desert areas (which includes fossil remains of world importance such as Wadi El-rayan and the valley of the whales and various cultural sites, plus the rural quietude, forms an amazing and unique site of adventure, and beautiful scenery.

Because of this, a number of new villages were established in the region like Dimeh Al Siba to the North of Qarun Lake, Senorus, Tersa, Qasr Qarun, and Karanis.

During the Roman era, the Fayoum region have witnessed a period of prosperity that lasted for two centuries and resulted in huge positive transformation to the villages of the region and Karanis among them.

However, all of this ended in the third century AD when taxes increased and the morals of the people decreased.

The inhabitants of Karanis started to leave the village and step by step Karanis was totally abandoned in the fifth century AD.

Although the Fayoum hosts many monuments, including a number of unique pyramids, that were established starting from the reign of the Pharos and ending with the period of the Ottomans, a great number of tourists miss it and do not have the chance to visit it. The first reason is that Egypt is full of numerous interesting monuments and sights that are spread all over the country.

Therefore, it is hard for any tourist, especially in their first or second trip to finish the list of the major monuments to be able to go to the Fayoum afterwards.

The second reason is the lack of luxury and entertainment facilities in the Fayoum.However, a one or two days trip to this wonderful oasis would be worth it as the Fayoum has its own unique magic.This region is extremely rich in many archaeological sites, such as the old City of El-Fayoum (Crocodopolis).It is in a natural depression in the desert, linked to the River Nile by a branch called “Bahr Yousuf”, whose name was probably derived from the ancient Egyptian Word “Baym”, which means sea or lake.It contains a lake that was known by the Ancient Egyptians as “Mr-Wr”, which means “the great sea”, and in Greek it became “Moris”. The word Baym was most probably the origin of the word El-Fayoum.In Ancient Egypt it was called “shedt” and it was a great city during the Middle Kingdom.

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