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A John Deere serial number consists of 13 to 17 numbers and letters, and it serves as a distinct code that identifies a particular vehicle.

John Deere 100 Series tractors usually have a serial number on the frame close to the back left wheel, whereas zero-turn mowers have a serial number below the seat, atop the frame on the right section.Individuals can recognize a VIN by checking for a sticker with a print that says “Manufactured by John Deere.” Tractors built in the 1960s and 1970s typically contain around five to six letters and numbers only, although machines manufactured at a later period contain 13 to 17 letters and numbers.The first two characters in a VIN with 13 symbols or the first three characters in a VIN with 17 symbols are the factory code.The subsequent four characters are the model number, while the remaining characters indicate the emission level designation, unique serial number, security code and manufacture date.The last characters also specify the transmission code and track or wheel designation.Production information on most models of John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractors is available at for each research.

The information will be supplied on a personalized document especially created for this purpose. The charge for shipping is .00 per order which includes Priority Mailing, a reinforced package (includes air mail to Canada and all other locations), and delivery confirmation.Several documents can be mailed together in the same package at no additional mailing charge. Production information is available for nearly all vintage John Deere Tractors, from the Waterloo Boy through Generation II.There are some exceptions, as no production information is known to exist for Model “L” Tractors prior to serial number 625000, or for the Model “62” and Model “Y” Tractors.There also are no records for Model “M” Tractors prior to serial number 52542, for Model “W” Power Units after serial number 5289, or for Model “840” Tractors after serial number 8400848.And, regarding New Generation Tractors, the entire alpha-numeric serial number (not just the numerical sequence) must be provided to assure complete and accurate research.We believe it is important that the requester tell us as much about their tractor(s) as possible.

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