Most popular dating site san francisco

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Most popular dating site san francisco

In difficult economic times, Silicon Valley-ites ramped up their search for love more than other places in the nation.

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In contrast, visits nationally to online dating sites increased at a lesser rate—15%—in the same period, says com Score.

In the second quarter alone, local visits to personals sites jumped 9%, compared with a 3% increase to websites overall by Bay Area residents, adds com Score.

Part of the increase was likely driven by the emergence of new free dating sites such as and, says com Score senior director of industry analysis Andrew Lipsman.

In addition, this part of the country is particularly Web-savvy.

Online dating websites such as, e Harmony and say they didn't notice any major shifts in online dating trends in the region, but some note that trying times can push people to more seriously search for meaningful relationships.

In the Bay Area, the sites say, the average profile of their members is typically older than the rest of their membership.

According to, 79% of its Bay Area members are more than 30 years old, compared with an average of 68.5% nationally.

EHarmony also found its Bay Area daters tended to be slightly older, and said the average age of its San Francisco members is 38.

Bay Area online daters also are more educated on average.

Local members of EHarmony have 2% more doctorates, 5% more master's and 8% more bachelor's degrees than the rest of the country, the company says.

Some 72% of's local users have incomes of more than ,000 a year, versus 54% nationally.

Other notable findings: Bay Area online daters boasted more recyclers than the rest of the nation and more wine lovers than elsewhere, the sites say.