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Mumbai (Marathi: मुंबई) [1], a cosmopolitan metropolis, earlier known as Bombay, is the largest city in India and the capital of Maharashtra state.Mumbai was originally a conglomeration of seven islands on the Konkan coastline which over time were joined to form the island city of Bombay.

The city has an estimated metropolitan population of 21 million (2005), making it one of the world's most populous cities.Mumbai is undoubtedly the commercial capital of India and is one of the predominant port cities in the country.Mumbai's nature as the most eclectic and cosmopolitan Indian city is symbolized in the presence of Bollywood within the city, the centre of the globally-influential Hindi film and TV industries.It is also home to India's largest slum population.South Mumbai (Fort, Colaba, Malabar Hill, Nariman Point, Marine Lines, Tardeo)The oldest areas of Mumbai.Contains Mumbai's downtown area and is considered the heart of this commercial capital of India.

The richest neighborhoods in the country are located here, which command among the highest property rates in the world.

Real estate prices in South Mumbai are comparable to those in Manhattan.

This is the primary tourist area of Mumbai and home to most of Mumbai's museums, art galleries, bars, upscale restaurants, luxury retail with brands like Armani, zegna, Hermes, Sangeeta Boochra etc., and the Gateway of India.

South Central Mumbai (Byculla, Parel, Worli, Prabhadevi, Dadar)Used to be Mumbai's industrial heartland, but went into decline when the industries did.

Now this area has been revamped into a white-collar office location.

Home to Mumbai's only zoo, the Worli sea face, and the temple to what people consider the city's guardian deity.