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Naija no1 sex chat - Adult interactive video chat

Have you seen the crazy videos and ads in newspapers?

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If you ever use him, please invite me so I can come and dance. Speaking of music, this Korede Bello's new jam "Godwin" has been playing in my head!!! So even though today na tuesday and Monday Chit-Chat was meant to be yesterday...nothing spoil- na Godwin!

I felt like I need to host a party just so I can invite his band to come and play-I had to get the band's details and i'm willing to share : D His name is Laolu Gbenjo (Pleasant Sound) 07039739987.

Everywhere has been dry-January such a dry, long month. "do you know 1500 can cook a pot of soup for me and my family for 1 month"? I'm like "this 2k burger from steers vs pot of soup..." aaaaarrrrrghhh! I love thanksgiving Sundays but this one was extra special...there was a new band playing and see ehn, he's the BEST i've heard so far..talking drums were just going dun dun gbun gbash gbash!

Someone left a comment saying if I can't keep up with Monday Chit-Chat that I should YOU think? For me Monday Chit-Chat goes beyond posting photos of fancy places I spend my weekends at, it's an outlet for me to gist with all my online besties YOU! *inserts tear-filled eyes* I was talking to someone last week and she mentioned how she reads my blog and sees all the restaurants I go to and how much it cost for meals at these places and she said... Then she added, "next time you want to go out please just gimme the 2k you want to use... Make I talk true, since that conversation to spend money I dey think twice...

Plus remember earlier in the year I said that I've been extra busy on some projects i'm working on...well, work has taken over my life-amongst other things. I'm just still here scratching my head wondering how I can help.

I've been chilling doing other things like cooking and filming recipes and more videos! Some of us spend 1500 just like that on recharge card..something random like that and here's someone who needs that your pocket change to just be happy/survive.

There were many more: “Nollywood has gone haywire”, “Pornography takes over Nollywood”, etc. I happened to be chatting with friend and blogger Sugabelly, when one of us mentioned is one of the so-called pornographic movies that Nollywood had apparently started releasing.The first thing that struck us was what appeared to be a rape scene.We found this disturbing, as we did the ever-present male gaze: the way the camera lingered over the body of the attractive female actor but not on that of the male actors.The trailer did nothing to pique our interest further, and I promptly forgot about the movie and the entire topic of sexually-explicit Nollywood movies until I came across a trailer for yet another “controversial” movie. Altogether, I stumbled upon five Nollywood movies that supposedly contained pornographic scenes before deciding to look further into the matter.What I find interesting about these movies is the moral panic around them, the “uncalled for” and “un African” “filthy sexual content” that apparently has no place in Nollywood.Supposedly, the introduction and presence of sexually explicit scenes should now be added to the already long list of problems plaguing Nollywood, such as subpar acting, soundtracks that reveal the entire story, badly titled movies and poor directing.

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