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Please spread the word, share this picture, tell your friends about this website.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Travel / Nairobi Photos (kenya): A Beautiful East African City (1131014 Views) East African Federation (EAC) / Cape Town, Most Beautiful African City Pics / African City Skyline Pictures (1) (2) (3) (4) I have not had the good fortune to visit Nairobi, but my brother has visited twice and he can attest to the fact that it is a beautiful and civilised city. I hope DBLOCK will take note, that a nice city is not about having lovely tallbuildings it is more than that. Now with the beautiful picture here, my question is why is motherland Africa like this? Throw a sweet wrapping on the ground and you'll end up facing a magistrate.


Lovely city, However they have very poor slum areas in Kenya also, Its just like when people go on about South Africa, when they have many slums full of people too. It is not a question of whether or not Kenya has slums. The issue here is that so many of the first world countries only show the underprivileged side of the nation. The country has not factored in donor aid in its budget the last three years making it one of the first in Africa to attempt sovereignty from donors and the Bretton Wood institutions.I think we Nigerians need to stop seeing everywhere else through rose tinted glasses, whether Ghana, South Africa, USA, UK, we always think they are so great, but never show the other side, but yet Nigeria is always only bad in our eyes. Someone has come up to show that there is a gorgeous side of the country divergent to what people think or see in the media . The economy is owned by Kenyans and multinationals like BP are leaving because they cannot compete with local petrol distributors.Yes, we have the largest slum in East Africa, but we also have the most beautiful Hilton there. Nandos, Steers and all those international chains of restaurants have been literally routed out of Nairobi and other cities by indigenous restaurants that sell quality locally sourced cuisines at half the price. Johannesburg has some of the worst i've ever seen but somehow they remain hidden from the media. The city centre of Jo'burg is also one of the most unsafe and dirty. You'll be lucky to walk through unmugged if you're misguided enough to go shopping in town. If you've been to Nairobi lately, you will notice that litering, spitting and smoking in public is illegal.has posted photos of females half dressed or in revealing attire and nude photos as well.It has also lifted photos of other Kenyan female celebrities – probably from google images – and posted on the page.

They are Big Brother Housemate and actress Millicent Mugadi, rapper Stella Mwangi a.k.a STL and Ogopalet Marya.Millicent told Word Is, “My cousin who lives in Australia called me to tell me that my photo has been posted on the page.My problem is that they have placed my photos next to nude ones, which makes it look like I took nude photos.“I have reported the page to Facebook all week, asking them to pull it down.I have even asked my friends to do the same but, two weeks later, it is still online.” Millicent just jetted in this week from Ghana after attending an event organised by fellow Big Brother Amplified housemate Confidence Haugen. A new entrant has just chipped in to throw her two cents on the ongoing rivalry between Prezzo and Jaguar. Please Submit your local pics or videos and earn 100 credits per post.

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