Nude camp in greece

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Nude camp in greece - fun dating games for teenage girls online

Active Naturists are going to Burning Man again this year!You’ll hear about our camp via the blog, and this page will be updated accordingly.

The term originates from the word [gymnós] meaning “naked”, because historically in Ancient Greece one exercised naked, and we would like to revive this aspect too, as we think that by doing athletic and fun activities naked, participants will experience bonding aspect of such events stronger.

We believe that nudity will make physical activities more fun and at the same time will be important in bringing across our message about body acceptance.

Nudity will be encouraged but not compulsory in all activities.

We hope that all our participants will only feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin after our events.

Nowadays, physical and intellectual activities are usually seen as belonging to separate domains, but we want to bring back the idea that they mix well together, and our events will include physical exercise, arts and philosophical discussions. But we shall certainly have several athletic activities, as we shall revive a few events from the authentic Olympic games with some modifications.

Greek-style wrestling, and as a variation, oil wrestling; we shall provide olive oil to participants; on the one hand, oil will make wrestling more slippery = difficult and fun at the same time, but on the other, we think participants will appreciate its soothing effect on their skin, being in the harsh arid environment.

We had do think how go around prohibition of animals at Burning Man for our “equestrian” events…

The solution is simple, our participants will play the roles of both riders and horses: piggy-back and barrel-run races (possibly relay races, depending on the number of participants) will be our equivalent of equestrian events.

We would like to hold these two during the Burning Man’s edition of the World Naked Bike Ride aka Naked Pub Crawl.

We may offer participants to cover themselves in olive oil for these events as well, as a symbolic act for filling a car tank, to remind that the World Naked Bike Ride is a demonstration for oil-independency and for alternative energy sources and body-powered transportation (not to mention that the slippery aspect will make it more fun as well).

A frisbee throw will be our equivalent of discus competition (this is one of the reasons why we would like our camp to be at the esplanade); we could have one frisbee event during day and another during night with LED-lit frisbee discs.

For athletic training, we would like to provide workshops on wrestling, yoga, acro-yoga, street-style dances (hip-hop, house, break etc.) and capoeira.

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