Opposite of predating

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Opposite of predating - wine tasting dating

The mind boggling similarities that link the Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Maya, Inca and Pre Inca are countless, and we have to start taking into account the possibility that such ‘mother culture’ existed in the past and predated all ancestral civilizations.

Richard Cassaro, author of the book ‘Written in Stone‘ is perhaps one of the best to explain the idea of a mother culture predating ancient civilizations around the world.His research has been continuous and backed up by facts he managed to pick up while researching the connection present between some of the most incredible ancient civilizations on Earth: the Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs and Pre-Inca/Inca: Cassaro makes interesting points by comparing the following: Both the Ancient Egyptians and the Inca/Pre-Inca erected some of the most incredible Pyramids ever seen on the face of the planet.They erected stepped pyramids in the desert along rivers while precisely aligning their structures to cardinal points.Somehow, in the distant past, the ancient Egyptians, Incas and Pre-Incas managed to erect some of the most massive temples ever discovered on Earth.How can we explain so many cultural and architectural similarities among ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs, Ancient Egyptians, Incas, and many others?If these ancient civilizations weren’t interconnected in some way or another, how is it possible that even though they were separated by great distances, their lifestyle and culture developed in extremely similar manners?

How is it possible that the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Pre-Inca cultures developed on opposite sides on the globe yet mysteriously share so many similarities?Not only am I referring to architecture and symbolism, we can easily include religion and science into the list of shocking similarities that are not only being ignored by mainstream Scholars, they are even being repressed, as if a giant cover up in ancient history is occurring behind our backs.Even though separated by thousands of kilometers and even though mainstream scholars say ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and Aztecs never came into contact, they share so many similarities which cannot be explained by the traditional methodology used by mainstream scholars. Well, either ancient civilizations were interconnected and came into contact with each other in the past, or a long-lost mother culture predates all of the ancient civilizations on Earth, and it is from this mother culture that ancient civilization such as the Aztecs and Egyptians inherited their knowledge from.What if in the distant past, before history as we know it, an ancient culture inhabited our planet?This ancestral culture, known today as the ancestral mother culture, was responsible for the striking similarity of ancient art, architecture, symbolism, mythology, religion and scientific knowledge between ancient civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Aztecs and Maya among others.What if Atlantis predates all of the above cultures and it is the Atlantean the responsible culture through which we can explain the striking similarities of worldwide cultures?