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If a movie happens, Kelly says it will be "complex and really profound" as the family copes with the patriarch's death.On a lighter note, the actress also revealed that she basically set up Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop: Without Ed…you see, if you had asked me last year, I would have had a different answer.

It will also be interesting—and I alluded this to Amy when I spoke to her the other day—because it would have a lot to deal with the passing of Richard and the way the girls relate to not only losing him, but how they relate to me and supporting me. That becomes a very thick, complicated dynamic that would have not been in place had Ed stayed with us. I act like we're doing it, but I don't even know if we are! I think she would really go to some amazing places because in Amy's life she lost her father, who she adored, while we were doing Kelly: I know, I know.One scene we were doing—he was down the table from me and it was just his coverage, so I think the girls were able to leave and I was just reading to him.It was kind of complicated, so we go back and forth with dialogue a few times.After the third time he did it, there's nothing.and even though it only ended it’s run in 2015, three of the show’s closest stars, Lauren Graham, 48, Peter Krause, 50, and Mae Whitman, 27, have reunited and the amazing moment has made its way on to Twitter. Lauren and Peter have been dating in real life since 2010 when the show first premiered so naturally he’d be Lauren’s date for her TV daughter’s new play. Awww, it’s great to see they’re all still so close and excited for each other’s new projects.

Pick up is getting the whole gang back together in Stars Hollow for a Netflix reunion series.

Basically everyone from the original show has signed on for it with the one exception being Melissa Mc Carthy, who claims she wasn’t invited back.

Even though she’s a big movie star now, hopefully she’ll be able to find it in her schedule to make a cameo so we can see what Sookie St. Just seeing Lauren and Alexis Bleidel back as quick-witted mother and daugher Lorelei and Rory will make our 2016.

Maybe Lauren’s other TV daughter Mae can make a guest appearance on the show, just to confuse us all a little!

Emily Gilmore was known for her condescending lines and disapproving glares at her daughter, Lorelai, but in real life, she couldn't be more proud of her TV family.

When we sat down with Kelly Bishop at the ATX Television Festival, she gushed about how happy she is for the cast's success and how much she's missed them, especially her on-screen husband Richard, played by Ed Herrmann, who tragically passed away earlier this year.

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