Park shin hye and lee wan dating

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) is a 2013 South Korean television series starring IU, Jo Jung-suk, Go Doo-shim, Lee Mi-sook, Yoo In-na, Son Tae-young, Go Joo-won, and Jung Woo.

The show incorporates themes of self-discovery and reconciliation.Kim Jung-ae (Go Doo-shim) lovingly raised Lee Soon-shin (IU) as her own daughter after her husband brought the baby home, saying that he found her alone at a bus stop.Soon-shin is a member of the "880,000 won generation," college graduates who can not find a job and work instead in low-paying temp jobs.She becomes targeted by a swindler who claims he is Shin Joon-ho, head of a talent agency.He targets her by saying he believes that she has the potential to become an actress.After quickly signing a contract, Soon-shin discovers that she has been conned and ends up being charged the amount of money Shin Joon-ho stole from her.

Shortly after this, her father, Chang-hoon (Jung Dong-hwan) dies in a car accident.The suspect is unknown, and there are no witnesses.Meanwhile, Soon-shin begins working at Black Smith, the restaurant below the Gabi Entertainment office, in order to pay off her debt.After making a bet with actress, and ex-girlfriend, Choi Yeon-ah (Kim Yoon-seo), the real Joon-ho, over-confident and arrogant, is determined to transform Soon-shin into a star.But this time Jung-ae does not support Soon-shin taking the offer after finding out that her late husband may have had an affair with another woman, who then gave birth to Soon-shin.She later discovers that Soon-shin's birth mother is the famous actress Song Mi-ryung (Lee Mi-sook).

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