Questions seldom asked when dating

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Tony is seldom around, and they are never seen together.Wendi Deng and Tony Blair twice spent time together at her then-husband Rupert Murdoch's Californian ranch.

The eldest, Euan, 30, started out working for merchant bank Morgan Stanley, but then took a job with the Australian employment agency Sarina Russo Job Access.

He is now listed as Acting CEO and works in its London office.

Rather oddly, that office is on the seventh floor of 1 Great Cumberland Place, the concrete block overlooking Hyde Park which also houses the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, the Cherie Blair Foundation For Women and the Cherie Blair Organisation.

The Sarina Russo agency is massive in Australia and now expanding rapidly in Britain, where it has eight offices and employs almost 100 people.

On Saturday, we told how he had turned himself into ‘a human cash register’. Today, seven years after leaving Downing Street, Tony and Cherie Blair live very separate lives.

Today, we reveal how Cherie has also made her fortune — and how the couple have grown apart since revelations about Tony and Rupert Murdoch’s wife . When he stopped being Prime Minister, they appear to have lost that instinctive feel for each other that had made them such a formidable and mutually supporting couple.

These days, their business empires are entirely separate.They do not work together and are seldom seen together.She does go to the region for her own business, but always at times when he is not there.Not one of the numerous Middle East correspondents we spoke to remembered seeing the Blairs together in recent times.Neighbours at their grand London home in Connaught Square, Bayswater, report the same thing.Cherie is seen a lot, wandering about the huge house, going to the odd community event and looking depressed.