Relationship with your boss dating

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Because of this, he will instinctively want to be closer to you.

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I don't want to carry on with this relationship so how can I move end the relationship and not negatively affect my job? The only way out without hurting your work relationship with your boss is to make him stop liking you.One way to do get someone to stop liking you is to make yourself less attractive. Guys don't like it if you are over the top and don't give them any space. Plus this method will allow you to "get him out of your system" too :) See more questions like this: I'm in love with my boss but he treats me like a normal employee.If that doesn't work you can try smothering him with so much attention it turns him off. What can I do to make him love me How can I tell if my boss is really in love with me? Watch how close he stands to other people, and then see how close he comes to you in comparison when he's leaning over to help you with something, or just standing near you.You can also look for these signs: Just be careful, because others may notice some of these things too.Beyond respecting him as a boss, you like him a lot.You don't want to pursue him brazenly because your job and professional relationship mean a lot to you, and you want him to respect you as a person.

Yet, you want to find a way to make him notice you, appreciate you, and eventually fall in love with you.Okay, say you're done with step one, being the best employee ever, and he has noticed you, has begun to think you are a wonderful employee, and wants to go a notch higher.What do you do next, without creating an awkward atmosphere for everyone inside the office? Every day he probably receives compliments from others.Don't try too hard to make your boss fall in love with you because it can be a real turn off. To differentiate yourself, you need to compliment him, without drawing attention to the compliment.Try not to make the first move, and always be subtle in your ways. This will draw him closer to you, without him realizing it. To do this, you need to identify things you can legitimately ask your boss for help with, and then compliment him on.First and foremost, be an awesome employee, because that's the one step you can be sure will really make him notice you. However, your compliments need to be made in such a way that you can later turn them into a joke, or draw attention to something else, so he is forced to acknowledge the second thing you say, and not the actual compliment. When you do these things, you're secretly teaching him that he will feel good when he's around you.