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"Storm of Love") is a German television soap opera created by Bea Schmidt for Das Erste. It follows in several interwoven plot threads stories about relationships taking place in the fictional five-star hotel Fürstenhof, located in Feldkirchen-Westerham near Rosenheim.The plot revolves around members of the family room area, the hotel owners, and employees.

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In France, the series was broadcast from episode 1392 (season 7) since 2 April 2013 on France 2 with the name of "Le Tourbillon de l'Amour" and in Austria, the series was broadcast from episode 166 onwards since mid-July 2006 on ORF 2.

A summary of episodes 1 to 165 was broadcast as a pilot.

Storm of Love has been licensed to 20 stations worldwide, and rights to all episodes were given to RTVS (Slovakia), LTV1 (Latvia), TV 3 (Lithuania), TV3 (Estonia) and Rete 4 (Italy).

Rete 4 broadcasts the series under the name Tempesta d'amore.

Nova TV in Bulgaria has broadcast the series since the end of July 2009 under a title translating as "Winds of Love." Vitaya in Belgium broadcasts under the title Sturm der liebe.

Polish channel TV Puls broadcasts it under the title Burza uczuć, Finnish channel Sub under the title Lemmen viemää, and Icelandic channel RÚV under the title Ástareldur (Fire of Love).

Werner once married Charlotte Saalfeld, heir to Fürstenhof.For many years he was director of the 5-star hotel.After almost 40 years, he finally reconciled with his brother André, and hired him as a cook at the Fürstenhof.His habit of dating beautiful women has not changed.He cheated on his wife Charlotte over and over again, which eventually led to divorce after 36 years of marriage.Charlotte Saalfeld is once again at the Fürstenhof to attend a charity event and receive the Bavarian Order of Merit.