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The reader is given a first hand look at all the emotional breakthroughs that she has and comes to sympathize with Sybil.

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This abuse is so malicious and despicable it is hard to even read about it.

Yet, Schreiber presents it in such a way that allows the reader to appreciate the amount of contempt that Sybil has for her mother without being so sickened that they stop reading. The organization of the plot is superb and provides for very little confusion.

The style of writing is perfect for a high school reading level and was very understandable.

There are no parts that should cause the reader puzzlement except all of the psychological terminology towards the end of the book.

Though most people today have a basic understanding of Multiple Personality Disorder not many can fathom the complexity of the disorder.

“Sybil” is a true story about a woman that suffers from this agonizing problem.

This book takes a deep look inside one of the first documented cases of MPD from a very personal point of view.

While reading the book the reader is taken on a roller coaster of emotion experiencing all the pain, confusion, sorrow, and delight that all the characters feel during the course of the novel.

“Sybil” is a genre defying book that can not be categorized because it has taken so much from so many styles of writing.

All of the characters in “Sybil” were developed so well that by the end of the book the reader feels as though they have known them.

The author, Flora Rheta Schreiber, perfectly explains all the trials and tribulations that Sybil undergoes during the course of her extensive treatment and the emotional responses that she has.

She shows Sybil going from a woman who is scared and in denial of her problem on through all the stages that come with her treatment.