Speed dating scunthorpe

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Speed dating scunthorpe

John's Hill where we were to spend the next few hours trying to be as entertaining and vivacious as possible (yes, we were out researching so it didn't really count but no one likes to lose…even if they are only playing) with a mob of people who we'd never met before.

This came as no small relief, largely because I had no real wish to be spotted and taunted by "normal" folks for what I was doing, which was all too apparent given the large "HELLO MY NAME IS EOIN" badge…

After glancing round for some moments I was rather relieved to find that no one was overtly psychotic or…and this is obviously shallow…heart-stoppingly ugly either (one poor fellow came close, but at least he wasn't fashion blind).

"Perhaps", I thought, "this isn't going to be quite as torturous as I'd imagined". The Games Begin All too soon we were hustled from the comparative comfort of the bar and to our starting positions (at a table corresponding to the number stuck on your chest along with you name).

There was a short and somewhat ear-splitting demonstration of the whistle that would be used to indicate when it was time to swap partners and then we were off…

Editors note: First published in 2004 on View London. Speed dating, so we are being told these days, is the newest dating craze and is taking the capital by storm, so naturally we thought some single members of the office should be sent out to try the waters...

The Rules Now, for those of you who still remain in the dark (and it's hard to being as there have been more than a few column inches devoted to this particular activity of late), the idea is as follows; Equal groups of men and women are placed in a venue for an evening and, with the aid of a compare of sorts, spend three minutes with each member of the opposite sex throughout the rest of the night.

This is done in well-regimented fashion with a whistle being blown every time three minutes has elapsed - indicating that it's time for the gents to move on to the next table and the next lady (as chivalry demands, the ladies are seated at different tables and the gents circulate).

Everyone is issued with a printed sheet of numbers (as well as a number to wear for the evening, very Prisoner) and, by the number of each potential date, one ticks a "yes" or "no" box after you've spent your three minutes with them - for quite obvious reasons.

At the end of the night all the sheets are collected, results collated and, within 24 hours, potential matches (i.e.

folks who both ticked "yes" in relation to each other) are emailed to all attendees.

This, of course, is the theory…which is why Viewlondon decided to test the practice and sent a pair of us (one of each) along to the latest event that to hold…

Warming Up It was with no little amount of trepidation that Jo (the other victim) and I wandered up to the front door of the Boom Bar in St.

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