Sqldatasource updating cancel

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Hi Mike, I double-checked on my machine whether the zip extraction is password protected.The files from the archive were extracted without the need to enter a password.

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Kind regards, Stephenthe telerik team Hi Stephen, I tried extracting files from the zip file Automatic Operations With Sql Data Source And Stored Procedures.zipon but am unable to do so it shows error: Cannot open file: it does not appear to be valid archieve file.

Could you please mail me the example I need it urgently.

Thanks,maggi Hi Eddie, You can add a validator of your choice to the grid edit form and take advantage of the advanced server-side validation mechanism Rad Grid exposes.

Thus the update action will be cancelled when invalid input is entered by the user: Editing/Validation/Default Greetings, Stephenthe telerik team What hapens is that, when I click on Insert in the insert form I get an error saying that I've specified too many arguments for the insert stored procedure.

I really can't see the error in this code any how even the stored procedure is simple: Hi cusumano, You may agree with me that this is a generic SQL/ASP.

NET error which is out of the scope of our web grid.

Nevertheless, I suggest you review the following posts in the ASP.NET forums which elaborate on the same subject and explain how to resolve the issue: regards, Stephenthe Telerik team How do you get this example to work if the parameter names are different in your Update stored procedure than the columns names that get bound to the grid from the select command.Basically, I can't figure out how to map the automatically extracted parameter names and map them to parameter names in the update SP if they are different.Is this possible, or do you have to have the exact same names across the board for this to work with the automatic updating?Hi s_erbentraut, I believe that the names of the paremeters may be different, for as long as you reference properly the database fields in the statement following the stored procedure declaration.You may also check to make sure that all fields in the database are of the proper type and that the fields all allow inserts.