Supro valco serial number dating

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Supro valco serial number dating

“The Supro Ozark features the powerful Valco string-through pickup at the bridge,” Ivankovich says.“It's most famous for being Hendrix’s first electric guitar.

This screamer is paired with a rare blue Tolex Supro 1624t amp.” Valco In many ways, Valco’s story is a classic American tale of reinvention, which is to say that separating fact from fiction is difficult and possibly pointless.

We do know this much: Before there was Valco, there was the National Stringed Instrument Corp., a California-based manufacturer of resonator guitars dating back to the ’20s, and the Dobro Manufacturing Co.

National created steel-bodied guitars, notably the “tri-cone,” which used three resonating metal cones to amplify the sound, and the “biscuit,” which featured a single resonating cone.

Then, as now, guitar players wanted to be heard, and that desire drove the development of these resonator guitars and the electric guitars and the amplifiers that would soon follow.

George Beauchamp, one of National’s founders, is credited by some with creating the “Frying Pan,” an electric lap steel guitar, in 1931 with Adolph Rickenbacker.

Rickenbacker had founded Ro-Pat-In Corp., which became Electro String, which eventually evolved into Rickenbacker International Corp.

He worked at National, and later at Dobro, and was largely responsible for the production methods that made it possible to mass-produce metal and Bakelite guitar bodies.

“Single-cutaway Valco Res-O-Glas guitars came in many flavors,” Ivankovich says.

“The basic models were the Holiday and the Sahara, which evolved into the more elegant Coronado, Val Trol, and Martinique models.

The pickups are humbucker sized, but they’re single coils.

In the higher-end models, the bridge pickup is the patented Silver Sound pickup, featuring two magnetized poles with the coil in the bridge base. By today's standards it falls way short of that, but it’s an interesting tone.” In 1927 or ’28, John Dopyera, another National’s founder, started Dobro Corp. They also produced resonator guitars and were direct National competitors.

(The Dobro features a different resonating device, a single bowl-shaped resonator, which Dopyera developed but kept from National.) The Dobro name is a mash-up of “Dopyera” and “brother,” and which also means “good” in Slovak, the brothers’ native language.