Thai women dating websites

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Thai women dating websites

Well Thailand isn’t known as the Land of Smiles (Lo S) for nothing! Of course Thai women are also well known for not being too bothered about the age of their future husband. For me the obvious attraction with Thai women are their beautiful smiles. And of course if you find the right Thai lady she’ll be a loving and devoted bride that you really couldn’t find elsewhere.

Beyond that we have to ask why Thai women are so popular compared to other Asian women.For me this has a lot to do with the attraction of Thailand as a top tourist destination.Personally I think Chinese women are more beautiful than Thai women. You normally need to apply for a visa to visit China.Then there’s the choice about which Chinese city to visit.On top of that the weather is rubbish in many parts of China.Take it from me – I visited Wuhan in Hubei Province.

In Summer the AVERAGE temperature is 37C, while in winter you’ll enjoy the freezing cold in buildings with no central heating! However, visiting the Philippines isn’t for everyone.The big cities like Manila have bad pollution and huge problems with overcrowding and poverty.There’s also a lot of gun crime and the local police aren’t exactly the most competent in the world.And in some parts of the nation there’s also the threat of terrorism from Muslim separatists. There’s a fair bit of crime against Westerners, and there’s also plenty of corruption.But most of the problems involve the young Western backpackers, so as an older guy seeking a Thai bride you should be safer.I wonder as well whether more men don’t realise that there are women in Asian countries apart from Thailand!

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