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With Valentine's Day approaching, we asked Facebook for some help settling an old debate: Where is the best place in America for single people looking for love? The city isn't a theme park for the hopelessly smitten, though.

Colorado Springs also is a college town and an outdoor sports hub attracting more men than women. and Canada, has something the Census Bureau doesn't: Real-time relationship statuses for about half of Americans. How much does the average man spend on his significant other on Valentine's Day? What percentage of people buy gifts for co-workers? "Sometimes when you're in a big city and there are thousands and thousands of people you might find attractive, it becomes so overwhelming that you don't engage in the dating culture at all," he says. Garcia's hypothesis: Big cities like San Francisco and New York had some of the lowest rates of coupling up.

It's a place where people keep fit, active and social, and the growing downtown bar scene probably doesn't hurt. census data to rank cities based on each one's singles population. The data team also identified cities with high single male-to-female ratios and vice versa.

With Valentine's Day approaching, we asked Facebook for some help settling a perennial debate: Where is the best place in America to live if you are single and looking for love? The most popular social network, it turns out, can also serve as the world's biggest survey. "This is a side project for us," says Mike Develin, the main researcher in the informal working group on relationships.

Facebook's 1.23 billion monthly active users world-wide constantly feed the company invaluable data. Ds on Facebook's data sciences team did the Valentine's Day analysis in October, using anonymous profile information gathered in the 50 U. "Forgive the pun, but it's our passion." Facebook's data is by no means perfect.

Some people don't bother updating the relationship status on their Facebook profile when they begin and end a relationship, for instance.

And Facebook didn't break down the numbers by age or other demographics.

Overall, Facebook found that big, cosmopolitan cities with highly educated populations—places like New York City, Washington, D.C., and Miami—tend to have the highest percentages of single people.Those cities also tended to have the lowest couples rates.A lot of cities with high relationship rates are in the South, Mr. Trailing Colorado Springs on the list are El Paso, Texas; Louisville, Ky., Fort Worth, Texas, and San Antonio.That was no surprise to Philip Cohen, sociology professor the Maryland Population Research Center at the University of Maryland.The Facebook data says more about the age, ethnic makeup and education levels in those cities than whether they are singles meccas, he says.

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