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But it was possible to do an internship here in Saratov. However, we often walked in and picked up the things that we will need in life together. And besides that, we agreed to go there, it’s a bit of me will rest their feelings in order, well after the return, we agreed that we would start all over again and never will never quarrel.I am developing one site which has chat feature in Rails. I need to check that the site is IE9 because the chat feature using socket io of HTML5. I have looked at Chrome and Firefox extensions but if any standalone is available then please give me suggestion.Microsoft has created some customized Windows VHDs with the purpose of allowing web designers to test websites in Internet Explorer 10, 9, 8 and 7, for Free for 30 days: You can download the virtual machine images from this website: The above did not work for me on 14.04 ; the instructions provided did not result in a working executable .I installed rar and unrar then changed the extention for the sfx to rar and opened that in Archive Manager , then I was able to drag out the VBox ova file.

And it should install a barebones, just-functioning version of IE. You may find that running IE in VMWare Player or Virtual Box with their seamless integration may be a better choice.

If this is for testing web development, have a look at which can test the website for you in different browsers and versions. Some time ago Microsoft created some files to run IE 7, 8 and 9 for free from Virtual Box(no Windows license needed). Quoted from Webupd8.org: Microsoft has created some customized Windows VHDs with the purpose of allowing web designers to test websites in Internet Explorer 9, 8 and 7, for free.

To make it easier to set up, xdissent has created a Mac OSX / Linux script that will download the required files, extract them, install the latest Virtual Box guest additions and so on.

install Internet Explorer, but as far as I know only versions 8 and below. I use Play On Linux, because it makes using WINE so much easier.

If you don't have Play On Linux, install it from the Ubuntu Software Centre (if you want the latest version, go to the Play On Linux download page, click on "Ubuntu", and follow the instructions).

Now, you will have an Internet Explorer icon on your desktop and another within the Play On Linux window. Note that the display will not precisely match that on Windows for several reasons, but at least it will give you IE8 on Ubuntu!

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