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Those days Ukrainian women gave birth to fewer children as three children in the family were already too much.The Soviet Union took a course on gender equality, as in the works of Marx and Engels was a lot said about women’s rights and community brigades.

Women began to work harder and just after birth almost immediately went to work.There was no vacation after child birth or cash payment for maternity.Though, milkmaid could become a deputy, but formally only. In the post-Soviet period the idea of “natural purpose of women” as a mother and wife was again dominated.In independent Ukraine the ideal woman had to be homemaker. Is it possible today to be yourself and not to surrender to stereotypes imposed by society? The ideal of a Ukrainian woman at different times was not identical. Fashion for the perfect female image comes and disappears, and the woman remains.

By 1917 the ideal woman considered corresponded mother, housewife, honest Christian.

Ukrainian woman in those days gave birth from four – to six children, and got high respect and reputation of them.

Respect and love for the mother was like something sacred, “bullet will pass, but the mother’s word will not pass,” – said the proverb.

Children groomed mother to old age otherwise it was considered a disgrace and a sin.

In the Soviet period Ukrainian woman had to meet the ideal of “workers and mothers.” The woman was needed by society as the worker.

Housewives were considered lazy and of “blue blood”.

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