Updating apps on iphone ze

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I don't know which criteria an app should meet to be scaled in this way, but if you'll manage to successfully run some with good results please let us know in the comments. It works both in portrait and landscape mode, swipe works, I've managed to read all my feeds with it.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook today testified in front of the U. Senate Permanent Subcommittee, defending the company’s tax avoidance strategies. “I’m out of time, but why the hell do I have to keep updating the apps on my i Phone? ” To which, Tim Cook laughed and replied “We’re working on making our products better all the time.” While delivering updates to apps is obviously a good thing, having to manually update them isn’t exactly a great experience.

Senator John Mc Cain asked a rather funny question to Tim Cook about an issue that bothers many people.

Most people don’t bother with app updates, which is why an option to automatically install app updates in the background in i OS 7 would be great.

If you’ve a jailbroken i OS device, then you should get the Auto App Updater tweak, which as the name suggests is a great way to ensure that your apps are always up-to-date.

If you've just jailbroken your i Pad I guess you've already installed Open SSH from Cydia, which is that framework that allows you to root into your device using FTP clients like Cyberduck and Transmit.

If so, there's a little trick you can perform that lets you scale i Phone apps for the i Pad, without waiting for the developers to update their apps.

In this way, and if you're lucky, you can have an i Phone app running in fullscreen without pixel doubling, which supports all the various orientations and that even uses i Pad's UI elements.To do this you'll need to edit the info.plist file inside an application, so be sure to have an app like Textmate on your Mac to edit .plist files.The i Pad stores applications inside /var/mobile/Applications and every app comes in the shape of a folder with a name like this (F1DCF4E2-0D72-4720-BCF1-F914B5208F55) and this means you'll have to open every folder to see which app is inside.Once you've found the app, say Tweetie 2, look for the info.plist file and download it to your computer. If you're on a Mac you can use Cyberduck or Transmit, Windows users can go with Win SCP.Default username and password are "root" and "alpine") In my tests (Tweetie 2, i Stat, Twitterrific, Here File File, Flickit Pro) I've been able to run perfectly only Tweetie 2, which scales and works - just take a look at the screenshots.The other apps I've tried presented alignment and touch issues, text fields and buttons didn't work and there were some weird problems with the UI. - Reeder: except for some text formatting issues, Reeder is i Pad compatible.