Updating image u boot 2016 08 svn587 for imap d

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Updating image u boot 2016 08 svn587 for imap d - Gratis milf chat

sed -i 's/TRANSMISSION=on/TRANSMISSION=off/' /etc/melco/info/etc/init.d/stopsleep 10cp -r /usr/local/bt/resume /mnt/disk1/spoolcp -r /usr/local/bt/torrents /mnt/disk1/spoolcp /usr/local/bt//mnt/disk1/spoolcp /usr/local/bt//mnt/disk1/spoolrm -r /usr/local/bt/resumerm -r /usr/local/bt/torrentsmv /mnt/disk1/spool/resume /usr/local/btmv /mnt/disk1/spool/torrents /usr/local/btmv /mnt/disk1/spool//usr/local/btmv /mnt/disk1/spool//usr/local/btsed -i 's/TRANSMISSION=off/TRANSMISSION=on/' /etc/melco/info/etc/init.d/startviewtopic.php?f=68&t=23603&p=168291#p168291It will have to be configured for your device though as im not messing with scripts all day It will be pre configured for my nas'se.g.download folder is /mnt/disk1/C/Downloadsincomplete folder is /mnt/disk1/C/Downloads/_incompletemake sure Downloads and _incomplete exist if you use mysetupif your share is default e.g. chl xhl vl single drive devices or duel/quad in non raid)all you will have to do is telnet in and run the command transmissionand everything will be setup for you including making the Download and _incomplete dirdont forget to change the default password if you use it via the webif not you will have to either edit /bin/transmission and run it onceor manually edit /etc/melco/info TRANSMISSION=onand manually edit /usr/local/bt/Default login will be ip:9091adminpassworddisable excessive head parking on seagate / others that support apm via default this time period is quite short, and Linux will access the driveagain, almost straight away.

f=68&t=25569to perm disable head parking this method doesnt do anything for WD drivesadded /bin/smart reads smart values for hda-hdd and adds a txt file in the info sharedeletes if existsrenames to if existsuse a decent text editor like ps-pad, notepad wont format it correctlycall this script manually from telnet/ssh by typing smartadded flac and required libssee

ff9myydrafto3d9 for files addedadded /bin/qvlcall this script manually from telnet/ssh by typing qvlif you are running in non raid on a duel or quad device and want access to more than one drive with twonkyyou can then setup twonky via ip:9050 for all drives like below Added CHLv2 Support (Buffalo Removed after 1.60)Added XHL Support (Buffalo Removed after 1.60)600 Mhz Devices 47 MB SMB Read1.2 Ghz Devices 92 MB SMB Read Nas Navi2 Updated to 2.56Fixed Twonky Icons ps3 win8 etc..

(until buffalo fix it)/bin/busybox2 updated to Busy Box v1.20.0 (2012-08-22 CDT)and make sure things like twonky & firefly etc. Spindown time is 20mins it can be set from 5 to 1275 seconds in 5 second stepsby editing /etc/init.d/hdd_spindown_DEFAULT_TIME=1200Spindown can be enabled or disabled on the fly via the web interfaceand survives a reboot if enabled Added /etc/init.d/mod.sh*Disables Auto Update *Enables Twonky 5 web interface on devices that support it*Sets %HOSTNAME% instead of %HOSTNAME%: Linkstation*Sets scan time to 600*Sets folder view*Checks if any changes are needed after every reboot*and only sets them if neededln -s ../../init.d/./S40_Added Commented out settings line 48 /etc/init.d/smb.sh*enable if you want the nas to be master browser*or to rename the printer from LPnew initrd Features Clear root password by reset to default in the web interface SSH Working (default off) Telnet Working (default on) su workingfull psdown added to /bin to take down http servicesup added to /bin to bring http services back upltbootd disabled in /etc/init.d/rc S to save memory use Putty in info share Updated to Nas Navi 2.34Info Share Cleaned Up Fixed brick problems with buffalo's release on a rebuild partition update (removed support for 0x00000013 to fix this)Changes to /etc/melco/infowg=Lanhostname=Nasstring=lang=englishtimezone=0codepage=ISO8859_1ntpserver=TELNET=on SSH=off I added a feature for myself on 1.53 Mod1bto rename/setup my nas's based on ip/hostnameit shouldnt affect most peopleand once its done it removes ###### from /etc/init.d/so it will never update anything again as it will fail on check 1If your hostname is Nas* and ip - this will rename your device once and edit smb.sh192.168.0.2 will be master browser - will be high in the pecking order for master browser NAS 00-00-00-00-00-00 LAN MASTERNAS2 00-00-00-00-00-00 LANNAS3 00-00-00-00-00-00 LANNAS4 00-00-00-00-00-00 LANYou mean the auto update checker?

if so /etc/rc.d/extensions.d/S40B_update_notifications.shrename that to/etc/rc.d/extensions.d/old S40B_update_its not run on startupor edit /etc/init.d/update_Still running on 1.37 here - is there any kind of changelog available?

I would love to know whether it is worth the upgrade - in any case.

When flashing the new firmware I suppose ALL my settings / package manager etc.

are gone (yes the hard disk won't be formatted, I know)?

There's always things they dont mention thoughbut here's the changelog[Firmware Release Note]* Ver.1.43 [2011.6.x] - Fixed the problem that configuration by UPn P of Web Access for specific routers could not be made.* Ver.1.42 [2011.6.x] - Fixed the problem that E23 error was mistakenly displayed and RAID array was unable to be used when using the drive as RAID1.

- Fixed the problem that configuration in the Link Station was corrupted if the power was not off in the correct procedure.

- Fixed the problem that the USB drive which was formatted in FAT32 using BUFFALO's utility "Disk Formatter" was not recognized.

* Ver.1.41 [2011.4.x] - Add online firmware update feature. - Fix an issue that when backup task runs while Link Station is in the standby mode by Sleep Timer, Link Station does not go to the standby mode after the backup task completes.

- Fixed an issue that Link Station does not wake up at designated time set on Sleep Timer when the time zone is set other than Japan.

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