Updating raid drivers

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Updating raid drivers - Omegalsex cams

This article has good analysis information on various RAID levels under testing scenarios and the benchmark results.Other results include the Migration of Power Edge servers to Windows 2008.

The article goes into detail on migration paths, supportability, and deployment.

Still another Dell Community example explains the supportability of RAID controllers for Windows Server 2012.

The article called Dell Software RAID controller Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012, explains the process for converting certain controllers so they can be supported on server 2012.

The steps outline how to go into the Dell bios and change the setting so the controller will use SATA.

This article is about best practices for Power Edge RAID Controllers (PERC).

When updating redundant array of independent disks (RAID) drivers, there are varying ideas on how to apply the updates. Information like this can be very helpful in avoiding problems.

Best practices say to apply the driver first and then the firmware. Examples of this kind of good source information is evident at Dell support sites.

Regarding the PERC controller, please watch the video entitled PERC RAID Best Practices.

This video has steps on how to apply best practices to updates of your PERC/RAID controller, as well with how to physically step through the update process.

More material can be found on the Dell Community site.

Just type "PERC" into the site search and you will find several documents.

One of these documents is called PERC 6 performance analysis.