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Iron, magnesium, protein, or vitamin B deficiencies could all cause cravings.

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Don’t add more sugar after you bake or boil them: just a little bit of butter, coconut oil, or cinnamon for flavor if you like.I like to mash mine with grass-fed butter and raw whole milk.Root vegetables like sweet potatoes are grounding and earthy so will help you feel calm.Plus they are a great source of vitamins like vitamin A and trace minerals.It may be a good time to turn toward the 5000 year-old wisdom of traditional Oriental medicine.This time-tested system of medicine is available to you to help turn back the clock on aging and return to the vibrancy of youth.

80 – 90% of all health problems can be treated with our care of balanced nutrition, acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal medicines.

As your body systems return to health, you will find yourself more centered, relaxed, and energetic.

Modern stresses may never totally go away, but we certainly have the power to change how we handle them. ” When you crave sweets (chocolates, ice cream, candy, sugary drinks, etc.), there are 3 underlying reasons why: Reason #1 you crave sugar: you have a bacteria imbalance in your gut.

“I had been dealing with hot flashes and sleepless nights for a couple of years. Through the appointments I learned a lot about my eating habits and was able to lose weight too. The little bacteria / yeasts that can overgrow in your intestines feed on sugar. ” Reason #2 you crave sugar: you are stressed out or otherwise just not happy in your current situation.

After a few visits with Nicole, I started taking herbs and started sleeping better and the hot flashes diminished. You want something “sweet” but not necessarily on a plate.

Reason #3 you crave sugar: you need some quick energy / you have a deficiency of some vitamin(s).

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