Who is dating jim parsons

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Who is dating jim parsons - yalestation dating

The actor says he never felt brave for being openly gay while growing up in Texas.

“I also don’t think I’m particularly brave to be the way I am,” he explained. And afterwards, nobody ever asked me: ‘Are you gay?

“Because I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me and paved this way.” He went on to say that hiding his sexuality – or his partner, art director Todd Spiewak – was never a question, even when The Big Bang Theory saw the actor achieve global stardom. I took Todd along to the first award shows, as my date, and what happened? '” The star, who plays Sheldon on the long-running comedy series, has since become one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood.

Last year, Forbes reported that his pay is now so high that he earns more than any other actor in television.

His reported million earnings surged after the cast signed a new deal to continue making the show – surpassing 2014’s list-topper Ashton Kutcher.

star Kaley Cuoco has allowed us to live vicariously through all the #Relationship Goals photos on her feed.

She’s shared the fact that her and her beau are horse crazy, has displayed Karl bonding with her lovable pup Norman, and even gave us all the opportunity to gush over her silly snapshots with Karl.

Now, these two are double-dating – with one of her co-stars, no less!

Yesterday, on Instagram, Kaley gave her 2.7 million followers a sneak peek at her double date with co-star Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon Cooper) and his partner Todd Spiewak.

Together, Karl, Kaley, Todd, and Jim look like they belong on the cover of a catalogue.

And we can’t even imagine how awesome their conversations must have been during this dinner.

I don't love stating the obvious, but when something is as OBVIOUSLY FANTASTIC as this production was, I can only echo what everyone else told me before I saw it: one of my favorite things I've seen.

I'm a lucky boy that I got to see this and I am eternally grateful.

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