Women dating bisexual men

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Women dating bisexual men - Free 40plus chat

Site contains ad materials such as posters, comics, and television commericals.Sexual Orientation: Science, Education and Policy Site features the work of Dr.

It provides information to promote the use of scientific knowledge for education and enlightened public policy related to sexual orientation and HIV/AIDS.

Stop AIDS Project A San Francisco-based organization offering safer-sex education, outreach, and advocacy to prevent HIV transmission among gay and bisexual men through multicultural, community-based organizing.

Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Health Centre Australian organization which aims to improve the health and social and emotional well-being of the Victorian HIV-positive and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities.

I’ve met a lot of very attractive women who have come through a divorce or break-up looking to meet someone new. The men who are their ages (in their 40s and 50s) seem to want to date younger women only. Maybe it’s due to biology, or maybe he just wants to ignore his own aging process.

In The Moment On-line soap opera produced by the City of West Hollywood about the lives of gay men in Los Angeles.

This drama that is viewed by tens of thousands of viewers online takes on the subject of HIV/AIDS in a matter-of-fact and candid way.

It is geared at younger gay men who have not personally witnessed the first waves of AIDS.

Gay Men and HIV/AIDS The Body's index of articles on topics including transgendered people and HIV, dating for HIV-positive gay men, barebacking, issues affecting gay youth, new books, medical news, personal stories, and more.

Gay Men's Health Crisis Nonprofit, community-based AIDS service organization in New York City, with services for all people with HIV.

Initiatives include the Institute for Gay Men's Health, a program that links HIV education and prevention with a comprehensive promotion of wellness among gay men and affiliated communities.

Web site includes extensive information on living with HIV, with some information in Spanish.

Healthy Penis 2006 A campaign aimed at decreasing the incidence of syphilis -- orgininally in Seattle and San Francisco, now in Santa Clara, Calif.