Worst dating game questions

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Worst dating game questions - Live chat with women without registration

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Feel free to only pick out your faves if you’d like.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday strengthening your relationship with conversation and laughter…

There is nothing I love more than a bachelorette party–a bunch of fun girls, NO boyfriends/fiances/husbands to get in the way, lots of booze, and being the center of attention everywhere you go. One of the best games you can play is The Question Game, where you ask the bachelorette’s fiance a series of questions about their relationship prior to the weekend, then you ask her the same questions and see if they match up.

Not to toot my own horn (HONK HONK), but I pulled this off in such an epic way for Andrea’s bachelorette in South Beach in 2K10 that I’m known throughout my circle of friends and friends of friends as being the master of this game.

For that particular party, I had previously videotaped her fiance answering the questions (which did get a little awkward at times), then played it at the party.

We’d play me asking him the question, pause it and let her answer, then play his answer. Another creative variation of the game is having the other girls at the party guess the answer before the bride-to-be does.

(I also had him do a cute, little “Hope you’re enjoying your party, love you and miss you, blah blah blah” intro at the beginning–she was so surprised and excited.) I like to play this game in conjunction with the lingerie shower; if the bachelorette’s answer matches up with her fiance’s, she gets to open a present. We did this at a bachelorette party this past weekend and it was a lot of fun.

However, if there are too many girls and too many questions, you might not finish before the bars close (which would be tragic) so keep that in mind.

The Truth and Dare game is one of the most popular games for the retreats or adventure camps or for sleepovers.

It is the best way of knowing your friends or when someone new enters into your friends circle.

Also, it is the ice breaker for a nice party with both old and new friends.

We have numerous versions of this truth and dare game, ranging from a children’s version to an adult’s version.

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