Www directdatingsummit com

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Www directdatingsummit com

This site has been blocked by order of the government of Russia.You can read more about Russia’s internet censorship law here.

Become a sex god with TNL at More great info on the science behind this talk at Subscribe Now : 12YTr3X Full Length Videos : 21u Get Training : coaching Visit Nick at: This is a talk on how to best express your sexuality as a man.In this presentation, you will also learn: - How to gain a masculine presence. I really had no problem making friends and always exhibited a flair for performing that continues to this very day.The kink in my armor, however, was the fact that I still hadn’t figured out women.Those first two years of college, my romantic experiences (which were never very consistent) consisted of the occasional night where I was a bit tipsy at a party, found a girl who was equally tipsy, and somehow manage to not screw anything up.Shot in May of 2012, this is a VERY concise summation of many of the more-radical social 'reframes' which Johnny has been sharing since the early '90s. PRIVATES COACHING: SKYPE Q&A: e Mail Anfrage an [email protected] MICH: YOUTUBE KANAL ABONNIERN: oben ↑!Many of the messages contained within will shock or surprise most viewers, (even ones who are familiar with Johnny's other popular videos), so be prepared to revisit this video a number of times, as your experience of reality exposes you to more and more of these essential truths, and you're discover you are able to take more value from it on each additional reviewing! Frank Kermit interviews Steve P the Seduction Community. FACEBOOK: https:// CONCAROINSTAGRAM: florianhoeper.dating_expert SNAPCHAT: florianhoeper TWITTER: @Florian Hoper————————————————————­——-BUSINESS: PRESS: Email: [email protected] SPEAKING: Email: [email protected]: Email: [email protected] CONTENT: women, dating, happiness, Johnny Soporno, relationships, being happy, fulfillment, self confidence, sex Video Link: https://

In this interview we cover the history of the founding of the seduction community, building deeper levels of rapport and communication, the difference between openly dating multiple women vs cheating, how to spot the girls in the clubs who are interested in being picked up and where to go to find them, goal setting: pick up vs long term relationships, the importance of finding and choosing a mentor, respecting past mentors, emulate vs imitate, how to be a good student, the difference between women who are Bi-curious and Bi-sexual, Female Orgasm and the power to give her full body orgasm, protecting a woman's reputation and privacy, alpha males, cock-blocking and going for someone's else girl, The Instant Guru Scams and seduction-fly-by-night companies, managing a seduction lairs and re-establishing seduction brotherhood, spotting givers and takers, along with brief stories involving Hypnotica, Zan, and Johnny Soporno Johnny Soporno' shares his updated 'Seductive Reasoning' in Moscow, Russia... v=Q7RZTR5C5c8 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to this NEW Channel!Johnny speaks in English, while his translator(s) ensure no one misses anything! https:// Full Sasha Daygame Sitehttps:// — Start your trial of the Direct Dating Academy Daygame — Like Sasha on Facebook This video was produced by The Men's Room (tm) and regrettably cannot be viewed off their own Youtube page by many international viewers. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————JETZT Kostenloses Ebook & e Mail-Coaching sichern: EHRLICHE VERFÜHRUNG Buch: PERFEKT FLIRTEN IPHONE APP: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id107... v=w Fg P9y Fkg54 Get your own free happiness ball here: Check out Johnny: TO THIS CHANNEL FOR MORE GREAT STUFF!If you are in North America, or somehow able to view it from their site, I recommend it!The quality of the recording is quite a bit better there!

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