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This may have been an unofficial design that gained some recognition for a time. This consists of the Red Ensign with the gold cross of William in the fly.Each year on Liberation Day a flag is raised on La Grosse Rocque about a mile off Cobo bay on Guernsey's west coast.

More information on (and images of) the various Guernsey flags can be found at the Flags of the World website here See Also See main article Guernsey lily.

The Guernsey Lily (Nerine sarniensis) is the National Flower of Guernsey.

Indigenous to the Cape 0f Good Hope in South Africa it is believed that it first arrived in Guernsey in the 17th Century.

Probably aboard a returning Dutch vessel that either put in to Guernsey or was wrecked on the island.

See main article Guernsey Flag The current flag of Guernsey was first flown on 15 February 1985.

It was designed by a committee (the Guernsey Flag Investigation Committee) chaired by the then Deputy Bailiff.

It consists of the red on white cross of St George overlain by a gold cross pattée.The gold cross is said to have appeared on the Gonfalon (a banner) of William of Normandy at the battle of Hastings in 1066, and can be seen on the Bayeux tapestry.Prior to this the plain St George's cross was used.As this could be confused with the same flag as used by England it was felt a distinguishing design should be used.There is some evidence that there was an earlier design based on the White Ensign, but with the white background replaced by a blue and white chequered motif.This appeared in some contemporary engravings of the unveiling of the Albert statue in 1863, and on some commemorative china of the time. Tupper's blue and white chequered flag" - possibly Ferdinand Brock Tupper.